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Water Conservation


July 8, 2021--Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-10-21 calling for a voluntary 15% reduction from 2020 water use levels across the state and added 9 additional counties under drought emergency. The proclamation included 5 common sense ways to reduce water use; e.g. reducing the time and frequency of outdoor irrigation, fixing leaks in a timely manner, and other indoor water-efficient practices. As mentioned in the Executive Order and consistent with the City's Water Conservation Program outreach, outdoor irrigation consists of up to 50% of residential water use. The most efficient and impactful way to achieve any reduction target is through reducing sprinkler run time and frequency, as well as quickly repairing leaks. Please view resources below on how to save water indoors and outdoors, as well as rebates available to Arcadia water customers.
Executive Order N-10-21
Governor Newsom Calls on Californians to Take Simple Actions to Conserve Water

May 21, 2021--Governor Newsom has declared a drought emergency in 41 California counties. While Los Angeles County has not yet been declared under a drought emergency, the U.S. Drought Monitor already shows the county to be in extreme drought.  The City continues to monitor the drought situation and would like to remind the community that the most impactful way to use water efficiently is by being mindful of outdoor irrigation.
Emergency Proclamation
Governor Newsom Expands Drought Emergency
US Drought Monitor

Summer Watering Sched
The City of Arcadia's Seasonal Watering Schedules are codified in the Arcadia Municipal Code. The Summer Watering Schedule is currently in effect and will last until October 31. The allowed outdoor irrigation days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. To prevent evaporation, please water between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. when sunlight and wind are weakest. Limit sprinklers to 10 minutes per station to avoid creating runoff and ensure that leaks are fixed in a timely manner.  Trees and plants may be watered manually every day within the allowed hours by a garden hose with shut-off nozzle attachment.


Summer (May 1 - October 31):
3 days per week -- Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Winter (November 1 - April 30):
2 days per week -- Tuesday & Saturday

Mandatory Water Conservation Prohibitions

Rebate Programs

Programs & Services

Helpful Water Conservation Websites

Water Conservation Legislative Update


The Public Works Services Department will respond to all reported instances of noncompliance in regards to the prohibitions listed above. To report water violations or other conservation concerns, please leave a message on the City's Water Conservation Hotline.  Please include the date, time, and address with your detailed description of the violation.

Water Conservation Hotline
(626) 574-3000 

Public Works Services - Utilities
(626) 254-2700
Published: August 10, 2021