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Planning & Zoning

outdoor dining 2
 NEW! Flexible Outdoor
 Seating  Guidelines for
 Restaurants and Other

The City of Arcadia has issued a Proclamation, effective immediately, to allow expanded outdoor seating for businesses during the COVID-19 local emergency.  Businesses may now obtain a no-fee permit to expand customer seating onto public sidewalks, private parking lots and walkways, and other areas adjacent to their place of business. 

Restaurants and other businesses may apply for one of the following applications to provide additional customer seating or staging areas:   
  1. Temporary Use Permit - Outdoor Activities (TUP-OA) Temporary Dining or Uses on Private Property 
  2. Incidental Outdoor Dining – Permanent Dining Area on Private Property 
  3. Sidewalk Dining Temporary Seating or Dining on the City’s Sidewalk
Additional/Supplemental Application Materials
Arcadia Fire Department Temporary Permit - Tents/Canopies (Fee waived if included as a part of TUP-OA Permit)
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Temporary Catering Authorization- Businesses who are currently licensed by ABC can apply to temporarily expand their licensed area to designated outdoor seating areas adjacent to the business.

Plans for seating will be reviewed to ensure the safety of customers and that required social distancing protocols can be met. The City will re-examine the need for this program on an on-going basis. 

Please email completed applications and attachments to Planning@ArcadiaCA.gov, or contact the Planning Division at (626) 574-5423 for more information. 
City of Arcadia News Release - Flexible Outdoor Seating Guidelines. Additional resources for businesses can be found at Arcadiaca.gov/localbusiness

The Planning Division is now open to the public during our regular business hours: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on alternate Fridays from 7:30  a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Electronic sumbittals will continue to be accepted via the instructions below. Prior to your visit, please review the Keep Arcadia Safe guidelines, and contact the Planning Division at (626) 574-5423 or by email at Planning@ArcadiaCA.gov, if you have any questions. 

 Electronic Submittal Process
 Planning applications may be submitted electronically via email:

  • Step 1: Planning applications  and appeal applications can be accessed online at: www.ArcadiaCA.gov/applications
  • Step 2: Completed applications and attachments shall be submitted via email to Planning@ArcadiaCA.gov. Currently, there is a 20 MB size limit for incoming emails. Please reduce attachment file size prior to emailing, if possible, or separate email attachments into mulitple emails if your file size exceeds this limit. 
  • Step 3: Staff will review the application to ensure it is complete. If complete, Staff will notify the applicant on how to make the required payment. *The 30-day application review period will begin once payment is received.
  • Step 4: Please call us for further instructions or assistance via telephone at 626-574-5423 or email Planning@ArcadiaCA.gov.

Plan Drop-off/Pick-up: If you need to re-submit plans for corrections/revisions, please call by telephone at 626-574-5423 to set up an appointment to pick up or drop off plans in our designated area. Email resubmittals will also be accepted. 

For more information regarding the City of Arcadia’s response to COVID-19 along with future updates regarding City events and services, please visit us at ArcadiaCA.gov or contact us at (626) 574-5401. The City website also now includes a page dedicated to COVID-19.

The Planning Division is responsible for a number of aspects related to the development of the City of Arcadia, including:

  • Assisting property owners, architects, and developers with their building projects and providing information and assistance with respect to zoning, development and use regulations.
  • Administering State and local regulations governing planning and development practices.
  • Assisting the Fire, Police, and Library departments in their design efforts.
  • Working with the Planning Commission, the City Council, and citizens in establishing long-range objectives, goals and policies as they relate to  development in the City of Arcadia.


Lisa Flores
Planning & Community
Development Administrator
(626) 574-5445 

Jeramie Brogan
Senior Administrative Assistant
(626) 574-5423

Luis Torrico
Senior Planner
(626) 574-5442 

Christine Song
Associate Planner
(626) 574-5447
Vanessa Quiroz
Associate Planner
(626) 574-5422
Published: August 24, 2020