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Current Projects


Huntington Plaza - Copy  
 Huntington Plaza Mixed Use Project
 Proposed Assisted Living Care Facility - Artis Senior Living
 117-129 E. Huntington Drive & 124, 126, & 136 E. Wheeler Avenue
 1150 W. Colorado Boulevard

The proposed project is for a new mixed-use development consisting of two
buildings that would include a total of 139 residential condominium units,
10,200 square feet of ground-floor commercial, and a subterranean parking
structure which requires approval of the following project applications:
Minor Use Permit, Architectural Design Review, and a Vesting Tentative
Tract Map. In addition, the project requires approval of a Development
Agreement for a parking access easement and provision of 55 public parking
spaces, above what is required for the project.

The proposed project is for a new two-story 44,192 square foot, Traditional
Cape-Cod architectural style senior living care facility (includes memory care)
The facility will have a total of 80 rooms and on-site amenities such as a 
community center, a gallery, a café, a barber beauty shop, and a small health 
center for the residents. The site will have a total of 59 parking spaces
and one loading space.

 Revised Notice of Public Hearing     Revised Notice of Public Hearing 
Planning Commission Hearing Information - Virtual Meeting   Planning Commission Hearing Information - Virtual Meeting
Date and Time: July 14, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.  (Continued from the July 1, 2020 Meeting)   Date and Time: July 14, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. (Continued from the July 1, 2020 Meeting)
Conference Line: (786) 535-3211   Conference Line: (786) 535-3211
Access Code: 524-582-021   Access Code: 524-582-021
 July 14, 2020 Planning Commission Agenda Item. No 2- Huntington Plaza 
   July 14, 2020 Planning Commission Agenda Item No. 1 - Artis Assisted Living Facility
 Architectural Plans
   Architectural Plans
 Draft Development Agreement, & Access and Parking Easement Agreement    Renderings
Environmental Documents   Environmental Documents
Notice of Intent   Notice of Intent
Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration   Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Appendix A - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations   Appendix A-  Protected Tree Report
Appendix B- Historic Resources Assessment   Appendix B-  Air Quality / Greenhouse Gas / Energy Worksheets
Appendix C - Energy Calculations   Appendix C- Cultural Resources Identification Memorandum
Appendix D - Geotechnical Report   Appendix D- Noise Spreadsheets & Modeling Output
Appendix E - Los Angeles County Natural History Museum Records Search   Appendix E- Project Trip Generation Analysis
Appendix F - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment    
Appendix G - Noise Calculations    
Appendix H - Traffic Study    
Proposed Hotel Development- Indigo Hotel
123 W. Huntington Drive
Approved at the April 14, 2020 Planning Commission Hearing

            Le Meridien Hotel and Mixed-Use Project
130-180 W. Huntington Drive
Fact Sheet
Planning Commission Hearing- April 14, 2020
Planning Commission Decision Letter
Approved Plans
Planning Commission Agenda - Item No. 3

Revised Notice of Public Hearing

Architectural Plans

Environmental Documents:
Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

   Le Meridien Image

Proposed Change in Policy  
RE: Nonconforming Uses in DMU, CM, MU, and CBD Zones
City Council Hearing - March 3, 2020
Notice of Public Hearing

Planning Commission Hearing - February 11, 2020
Notice of Public Hearing 
Administrative Policy on Non-Conforming Uses - January 29, 2020
Planning Commission Agenda Item No. 2 - Febraury 11, 2020
Planning Commission Annotated Agenda - Febraury 12, 2020


Published: July 09, 2020