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Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course Information

This page is intended to provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding the status of the Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course property at 620 E. Live Oak Avenue.  The City is currently at the beginning stage of exploring a potential future sale of the property and/or redevelopment of the site.  However, at this time no decision has been made and there are no imminent plans to sell or redevelop the site.  Below is information for several frequently asked questions about the status of the property and the process of any potential future sale of the site.

site par 3


How long has the City owned the property?

The City acquired the 30.7-acre property that houses the golf course, parking lot, and driveway in 1931. It had been agricultural in use and continued to be used for agricultural purposes through the 1930’s. By 1940 the City had begun to use the site for municipal purposes as a yard and storage site. The Golf Course was constructed in 1957 and currently consists of an 18-hole par-3 golf course, driving range, clubhouse, and associated golf maintenance facilities. The Golf Course is currently managed through a private contract with Touchstone Golf, LLC.

Why is the City of Arcadia considering potential sale of the Arcadia Par 3 Course? 

In December 2018, the City of Arcadia Citizen’s Financial Advisory Committee issued a final report and analysis on the City’s long-term fiscal health.  This included 15 recommendations for the City to consider for the short-term and long-term. One of the Committee’s recommendations was to explore alternative uses for the Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course property including residential, commercial, mixed-use, or other recreational amenities that provided either a greater community benefit and/or revenue to the City.   The question before the City and community today is whether the Par 3 Golf Course remains the most beneficial use of the property from an overall community perspective.  

What is the current status of the Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course?  Has it been sold?

At this time, there is no imminent sale of the property pending or any development plans under consideration for the site.  In July of 2020, the City began taking the initial steps toward exploring a potential future sale and/or redevelopment of the Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course.  The California Surplus Land Act of 2019 requires cities and other local agencies intending to sell qualifying public property, to first deem it surplus land. In February of 2021, the City declared the Arcadia Par 3 property as “surplus land” and issued a 60-day Notice of Availability to affordable housing entities per the requirements of the California Surplus Land Act.  These are the initial first steps required of a public agency to begin exploring a potential future sale of city-owned land.  As required by the Surplus Land Act, negotiations with interested affordable housing entities will take place for 90 days (April through July 2021), and then any potential sale and/or potential joint-development resulting from these negotiations would  be brought before the Arcadia City Council for consideration.   Following the 90-day negotiation period with affordable housing entities, the City may then begin discussions with other potential future development partners about the property.    

It is important to note that simply going through this process does not mean the property will be sold. The City Council is merely exploring the possibility of what a development could look like.

If the Arcadia Par 3 Golf Course is sold and redeveloped, what would be built in its place?

The City has identified three primary goals on any potential future sale and reuse of this property:

1) A sales price that provides a significant return to the City to assist in financial stability over time.

2) Retention of a meaningful portion of the site as public open space/recreation area.

3) Rezoning a portion of the site to low/medium density residential to allow for future development of housing units, including affordable units, at a density and scale appropriate for the site.

Any potential future sale would be contingent on entering into a development partnership with the City to ensure that these goals are met.  It would also include a robust public review and input process from the local community on what is the best use for the site and any future development project and plan.  The final sale of the property would also be contingent on approval of all project entitlements before the Arcadia City Council through a transparent public review and input process. 

How do I get up to date information on the Par-3 Golf Course?

You can send an email to DSD@ArcadiaCA.gov and let us know to include your name on an electronic mailing list to get periodic project updates.

Published: August 04, 2021