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Reserve Program

Duties of a Reserve Officer:
The Arcadia Police Reserve Officer is a part time employee who is committed to making Arcadia a safer community. The primary duty of a Reserve Officer is to augment the Uniform Patrol Division. Reserve Officers primarily work as the second officer in a patrol unit. Reserve Officers may also work a variety of details. As a reserve officer gains experience and knowledge, they may assist in the Detective Bureau, Jail Operations, Community Relations, Traffic Division, or Records Section.

For a number of years, Arcadia Reserve Police Officers worked as volunteers. Recently, the City of Arcadia has adopted the Reserve Officers as part-time employees. As volunteers, the Reserves have donated countless hours of service to the community. With the recent pay status, the reserves continue to work towards making the city a better place.

Why become a Reserve Officer?
There are many reasons for becoming a Reserve Officer. Many receive satisfaction from helping others in the community. Others want to be park of maintaining the high level and service provided to the citizens of Arcadia. Special skills such as translation, counseling, or like skills can be used to assist members of the police department while improving the services offered to the community.

Levels of Reserve Officers:
The Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) recognize three levels of Reserve Officers. Each level requires different levels of training and each possess a varying degree of responsibility.

Level 1: A Level 1 Reserve Officer may work as a “single officer unit” or as a second officer in conjunction with a regular officer. Level 1 Reserve Officers who desire to work as a “single officer unit” must meet department requirements, evaluation, and successfully pass a written test. Level 1 Reserve Officers are uniformed, armed Police Officers.

Level 2: A Level 2 Reserve Officers is a uniformed, armed Police Officer who works in conjunction with a regular Officer in a patrol unit. And is some cases, based on training, works as a two person Reserve Officer unit.

Level 3: A Level 3 Reserve Officer is a uniformed, unarmed Police Officer who augment the Patrol Division through assistance with community based programs. The Level 3 Reserve Officer is assigned to details that would not commonly meet with public conflict. The Arcadia Police Department is not currently seeking to fill Level 3 Reserve Officers at this time.

Training Requirements:
Training for Reserve Officers is commensurate with the duties they will be assigned. POST mandates the minimum training requirements for Reserve Officers. Level 1’s are required to complete a full basic police academy prior to deployment in the field. This academy is highly intensive and requires an approximate 700 hour commitment. Level 2’s are required to complete training consisting of approximately 340 hours of academy training. In addition, Reserve Officers must complete a period of field training with a Department Field Training Officer.

To become an Arcadia Police Reserve Officers you must meet the following qualifications:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.)
  • California Class “C” driver’s license
  • Proof of US Citizenship within one year of hire.
All equipment required for duty is provided by the Police Department with the exception of a firearm and boots. Level 1 and Level 2 Reserve Officers wear a uniform identical to that of a regular officer.

Level 1 Reserve Officers (“one officer unit status”): $25.10/hour (40 hours/month patrol time)

Level 2 Reserve Officers: $17.50/hour (20 hours/month patrol time)

**Reserve Officers may work additional overtime details in the event of emergency call outs and outside reimbursable events.**

Dan Crowther
Police Sergeant
(626) 574-5150
Published: July 27, 2021