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Records Bureau

The Records Department is open daily 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for public service. However due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, some services may be limited to certain days/hours of the week, and/or available by appointment only. We encourage the public to call the Police Department at (626) 574-5151 before visiting, if possible, in order to double-check and confirm all necessary materials needed for a particular service and to make sure the proper personnel is available to process the service you are requesting.

The Police Department lobby is closed daily from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. For those needing immediate assistance during these hours, a push-button speaker system is available outside of the lobby. The speaker system communicates directly with our Dispatch Center.

There is an overnight parking permit (TOPEK) machine located outside of the Police Department. 



Copies of approved releasable traffic accident reports:
$33.00 – Each copy (Additional $4.00 fee for online report)
$1.00 (per CD) - Photos

Copies of approved releasable crime/incident reports:

Free – Pages 1-25
$0.25 – Each additional page

Audio/Video Recording
$1.00 (per CD)

Fingerprinting Services:
For information on Live Scan fingerprint services and Ink fingerprint services, view the Department's Fingerprinting page. 

Microfilm reproduction of reports:
$30.00 – Pages 1-5
$1.00 – Each additional page

Local Criminal Record Check:

$33.00 – For those individuals who require it for travel purposes, but not to obtain a VISA.

The Arcadia Police Department no longer performs VISA Clearance Criminal checks, since the DOJ now wants them all to be performed on Live Scan.  Individuals must now complete the appropriate Live Scan form, which we can provide, for a VISA Clearance.  The electronic fingerprinting transmission and collection of fees for the Department of Justice for a VISA Clearance are performed by a public Live Scan service company.  Find a local Live Scan location.
Reporting of Crime Activity or Incidents:
Performed by an Officer who is called in from the field.  You may also report certain crimes online.  Please note, you may only report crimes through this link if they fall into one of the following seven crime classifications:  Auto burglary, theft, annoying/harassing phone calls, identity theft, lost property, vandalism, and vehicle tampering.

Traffic Citation Verification of Equipment Repair:

Performed by an on-duty Cadet or by an Officer who may be requested to respond from the field.
$10.00 – For Arcadia residents
$25.00 – For non-Arcadia residents

Vehicle Impound Releases:

Please contact the Records Department Personnel at (626) 574-5150 to inquire as to what documentation is required to obtain a vehicle release.
$170.00 – Vehicles stored/impounded for expired registration, unpaid parking tickets, traffic hazards, etc.
$700.00 – Vehicles stored/impounded due to an arrest.

Release of Property:

Service performed by the Evidence Technician and by appointment only.  Please call (626) 574-5191 for more information.

Subpoenas – Civil Actions:

Subpoenas for records should be served to the Custodian of Records. The exact amount due will be determined prior to the reproduction of documents.  However, please attach a check (minimum amount of $15.00) to the subpoena upon delivery. 

Subpoenas for police department personnel appearances should be served to the Watch Commander after a $275.00 fee for each day of appearance, per each officer, has been deposited with the City Cashier’s Office. Civil subpoenas require 15 days between the date of service and actual appearance, as required, to allow for adequate notification.

All Sex, Arson, and Narcotics Registrants must call the Detective Bureau at (626) 574-5160 to schedule an appointment.
Published: July 27, 2021