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Security Alarm Permits

Arcadia residents and businesses have a choice to install a private security system.  Those who choose to do so must register that system and obtain a City permit so that the Police Department can maintain an accurate database of the number of security alarms active in the City, and contact information for both the current owner of the property and the alarm company.  The annual permit fee is $40. 

PM AM manages the City's false alarm program, which includes alarm tracking and billing services. Arcadia residents and business owners can visit the PM AM website to:

  • Register a new alarm permit
  • Renew annual permit
  • Make an online payment
  • View account information
  • Download alarm permit application
  • View City of Arcadia Alarm Permit Ordinance information 

If you have questions about the City of Arcadia False Alarm Reduction Program, you can call Arcadia's toll-free number at (888) 510-0616, Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. This number is dedicated exclusively for Arcadia residents and business owners. 

Permits must be renewed on an annual basis.  The first two false burglary alarms within a 365-day period are free of charge.  A third false alarm will result in a $200 fine, a fourth in a $300 fine and the fifth and all subsequent false alarms will be $400 each.  The seventh false alarm within 365 days will be grounds for disconnection.  If an alarm holder chooses to reactivate their system after it has been disconnected there will be a $200 reinstatement fee once the system is deemed to be functioning properly. 

Please note that panic and robbery alarms are treated differently than a burglary alarm because they require a different police response, including a larger number of responding Officers.  The first false panic/robbery alarm is free; the second and all subsequent false alarms are $200 each.

Registered in the City's False Alarm Program prior to August 5, 2019?

Residents and business owners who registered in the City’s False Alarm Program prior to August 5, 2019 do not need to do anything more at this time.  You remain a registered member of the City’s False Alarm Program, and our new billing company, PMAM, will send you a renewal notice when your current alarm permit nears its expiration date.  Nothing changes for current registrants during our transition to PMAM.

Residents and businesses seeking first time, new registration into the City’s False Alarm Program after August 5, 2019, may do so the front counter of the Arcadia Police Department during normal business hours.

Mailing Address for Payments:
City of Arcadia
False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 140547
Irving, TX 75014

PM AM Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 510-0616
Fax: (972) 831-7499


John Bonomo
Sergeant, Administration
(626) 574-5181
Published: July 27, 2021