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Paramedic Membership Program

"I recommend the Paramedic Membership Program to all my fellow Arcadians as we never know what can happen.  Hey, I lived to write this letter!"  
- Gratefully, Mrs. Blocker, Arcadia Resident

"Thank you for the wonderful program of the Paramedic Membership Program.  My husband and I have used the service since 2005.  Over the years we needed the help of the Fire Department for several medical emergency reasons...."      
- Ms. Lee, Arcadia resident

"In the last two years, we have needed the service several times, and they are always there for us.  Wonderful guys and so considerate.  I'm so glad we have the Paramedic Membership Program.  Everyone should join."  
- Ms. Johnson, Arcadia resident


Every year, the Arcadia Fire Department responds to approximately 3,000 requests for emergency medical assistance.  Because we respond so frequently, it is likely our paramedics have helped you, a member of your family, an employee of your business, or one of your friends.  Although we encourage anyone with a life-threatening medical situation to call 911 to obtain help, one emergency ambulance trip can exceed at least $2,000 these days. 

Since 1994, the City of Arcadia has offered the Paramedic Membership Program, which provides an option for Arcadia residents and business owners to protect themselves, their loved ones, or their employees from the high cost of emergency medical care.  

The Paramedic Membership Program (PMP) is an official program of the City of Arcadia that offers both businesses and residents FREE unlimited 24-hour emergency paramedic and ambulance service for a nominal yearly fee.  Since its inception, the Paramedic Membership Program has saved Arcadia residents tens of thousands of dollars in emergency ambulance bills. 

All City of Arcadia residents and business owners are eligible to become a member of this valuable program.  Members can ensure that they will be protected from any out-of-pocket expenses for paramedic and emergency ambulance services provided within the City of Arcadia boundaries by the Arcadia Fire Department or its authorized ambulance service provider. 

Annual Membership Fees:

  • Residents:  $51 per year for regular membership
    • Discounted fee of $24 per year for qualifying low-income residents or $27 per year for residents who are living at a retirement facility.
  • Businesses:  starting at $54 per year (fees are based on total number of employees)
This program is especially beneficial to anyone who has  high deductibles and/or co-payments, a chronic medical condition, or those with no insurance.  In addition, many people find out after the fact that emergency paramedic and ambulance charges are often not fully covered by their existing insurance coverage, including Medicare.  Considering the cost of one emergency ambulance trip can exceed $2,000 these days, this program is an excellent investment.

For additional information about the Paramedic Membership Program or to obtain an application, please click on the following links or call (626) 574-5126.

Residential Membership Information:
Business Membership Information:

Maria Lourdes A. Taylor
Senior Management Analyst
(626) 574-5126
Published: July 27, 2021