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Arcadia Police Department Adapts to COVID-19

In response to additional guidance received by federal, state, and local public health officials, the Arcadia Police Department is adapting to challenges caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Please know we have not changed or reduced our deployment strategies at this time, and will continue to respond to all law enforcement related activities in our City. Our situation is both fluid and evolving, and the Arcadia Police Department is working to maintain field staffing levels that ensure high-quality response times to emergency calls for service within our City.

That shared, we have implemented processes that have equipped department personnel with the necessary training and resources needed to establish good community-based behaviors and practices that should help reduce the likelihood of introduction or spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus within our department and throughout our ranks.  Our staff has been briefed on COVID-19 issues, and will take all due precautions necessary when dealing with the public to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

It is our goal to continue to provide the highest level of safety and service while preserving the health of both our personnel and our community. Based on logical precautions, we have modified some procedures to limit exposure of the public and our employees.  For example, we may accept and document certain non-emergency crime reports over the telephone rather than in person.  Additionally, while our police department lobby will remain open for limited purposes, we encourage residents to call ahead at 626-574-5150 to determine if we can serve your needs without requiring a visit.

To protect the health of the public and our personnel, and potentially slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19, we are also limiting access to the Arcadia Police Department lobby except in essential or emergent situations.  This practice will stay in effect through March 31st, at which time we will reassess circumstances to determine whether or not a change in protocol is warranted.

Lobby restrictions do not apply to the following:

  • Regularly scheduled child-custody exchanges
  • Individuals who are required by law to check in with law enforcement for compliance to terms of release.
  • Situations in which a law enforcement presence is needed to immediately protect life, safety or property.
  • Mandatory visits for payment of fees or collection of property.

If you request a call for service to report criminal activity or to file a report, please call our Police Dispatch Center at (626) 574-5123.  If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, or a respiratory illness, please notify us when you make the call.  This will allow our first responders to take any needed safety precautions prior to their arrival.

Some police reports can also be made online using the link below and we encourage our residents to take advantage of this service whenever possible.


Here are some of the criteria for filing a police report online:

  • The incident is not an Emergency.
  • The incident occurred within the City of Arcadia.
  • You do not know the name or identity of the suspect involved or have physical evidence associated with the incident.

Cases involving theft of identity, theft or unauthorized use of credit/debit cards, checks, or other financial crimes, may not be reported on-line. These crimes must be reported in person. It is essential for officers to verify the victim’s true identity at the time the report is made.

Additionally, victims should provide officers with as much information regarding their case as possible, to include copies of financial documents, bank statements, credit card account information, fraud affidavits, or any other information relevant to the crime. If your situation does meet the above requirements, you may file your report online for the following types of incidents:

  • Auto Burglary
  • General Thefts valued at $950 or less
  • Theft of Items from an unlocked vehicle valued at $950 or less
  • Theft of items from an open or unsecured area valued at $950 or less
  • Lost or Stolen Cell Phones or Other Property
  • Annoying or Harassing Phone Calls
  • Mail Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Tampering

We apologize for any inconvenience these adjustments may cause you under the circumstances.  Please know that the men and women of the Arcadia Police Department are committed to the safety and well-being of our citizens, and dedicated to maintaining the superior service everyone has come to expect from our personnel. In closing, we ask that you help us protect our police officers and support personnel, so they, in turn, can continue to work hard to protect you!

Published: January 19, 2021