Garage Sales

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1. Permit must be displayed at the location of the sale.

2. Two (2) sales per calendar year at given location, one (1) sale shall be for no more than two (2) consecutive days.

3. All goods offered for sale shall be the property of the owner, tenant or occupant of the residence. No new merchandise shall be offered for sale.

4. No signs or other form of advertisement for the sale shall be placed on any public property; this shall include utility poles, parkways, trees or cars parked in the street.

5. A sign, no larger than four (4) square feet in size may be placed on private property at the location of the sale. The sign can be displayed two (2) days prior to the sale and shall be removed by 6:00 PM on the termination date of the sale.

6. Hours of the sale will be between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

7. All goods and merchandise should be displayed in the back yard or garage of the sale location.

8. The fee is $5.00.

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