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Sara Somogyi
Director of Recreation and Community Services

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Arcadia Dog Park

Southwest corner of Eisenhower Park
Second Avenue and Colorado Boulevard

Open 7 a.m. to dusk daily

141352312006dogFor those of you who have dogs that want to make their own friends and roam around off-leash, be sure to visit Arcadia’s Dog Park.

The Arcadia Dog Park opened in 2004 in response to requests from the community. At the dog park, your pooch can roam freely, exercise, and play with other dogs in a safe and fenced area. (It’s also a great way for dog owners to make new friends!) The 3/4-acre property offers separate areas for small and large dogs.

There is no charge or registration necessary to use the park.  However, we ask that you use the park responsibly and remember to clean up after your dog. 

Please follow the following rules when visiting the Arcadia Dog Park:

  • Owners must be in attendance at off-leash areas while their dogs are present.
  • Owners are required to have visible leash at all times.
  • Owners are personally liable for any damage caused by their dogs.
  • No aggressive behavior is allowed at any time (e.g. jumping on other people or approaching other dogs).
  • All dogs must be older than 4 months and vaccinated for rabies prior to entering an off-leash area.
  • No female dogs in heat are allowed in off-leash areas.
  • Owners are required to pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste.
  • Dogs must be maintained on a leash while entering and exiting a designated off-leash Area.
  • Professional dog trainers/handlers are not permitted to use the facility for instruction.
  • All dogs must wear a collar with current tags.
  • No spiked collars - they can hurt other dogs.
  • No food - for human or for dogs - of any kind.
  • Adults must supervise children.  Children are not permitted to run, shout, scream or wave their arms or otherwise excite or antagonize dogs.
  • Owners must obey all park rules.
  • Use at your own risk.

Questions about the Arcadia Dog Park should be directed to the Recreation and Community Services Department at (626) 574-5113.  Stop by the Arcadia Dog Park when you have a chance.  It’s a guaranteed tail-wagging time!