Public Works Services

11800 Goldring Road
P.O. Box 60021
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021

General Service:  (626) 254-2720
Utilities Service:   (626) 254-2700
Fax: (626) 359-7028

Tom Tait
Public Works Services Director

Hours of Operation
 Monday - Thursday
    6:45 a.m.– 5 p.m.
Friday (Closed alternate Fridays)
    6:45 a.m.– 4 p.m.

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The City of Arcadia is proud to be the sole provider of water and sewer services to more than 50,000 residents.  The City owns and operates its water distribution system and the Public Works Services Department maintains and operates the system. 

Request Service

You can request water and sewer service by contacting (626) 254-2700 or by submitting a start or stop request form online.  Please have the following information ready when requesting service:

Residential Service
  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Service Address
  • Billing Address                     
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Drivers License/I.D. Number
  • Commercial Service
  • Business Name
  • Service Address
  • Billing Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Federal Taxpayer ID Number
  • Billing Information and Payment Options

    WaterSmart Home Water Report Portal

    Water Quality

    Arcadia has excellent water!  To learn more, view the City's Water Quality Report.

    Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

    The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires every urban water supplier to adopt an Urban Water Management Plan and update the plan at least once every five years.  View the City's 2015 Urban Water Management Plan.

    Sewer System

    Homeowners are responsible for sewer connection repairs and maintenance from the house to the main City line.  The City maintains the main sewer line located in the street.  Sewer crews perform preventative maintenance on the main sewer line throughout the year to minimize any overflows from occurring. 

    The State Water Resources Control Board requires all agencies, that own or operate a wastewater collection system, to develop and implement a Sewer System Management Plan that documents how the City manages its wastewater collection system.