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If you have made a change to your lifestyle or on your property that saves water, let us know!
We would like to highlight your efforts and accomplishments by presenting you with a WaterSMART Hero Award at a future City Council meeting. The City Council takes water saving seriously and is proud to publicly thank residents who are truly making a difference in conservation.

If you are an Arcadia resident and would like to submit your questionnaire , please click on the link below.  Please submit any photographs to lshakarian@ArcadiaCA.gov.  

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If you have questions regarding the WaterSMART Hero Awards program, please contact Laena Shakarian, Management Aide, at (626) 574-5433 or at  lshakarian@ArcadiaCA.gov.  

I'm WaterSMART

Updated on 06/21/2018 8:42 am

Arcadians who are truly making a difference and saving water wherever they can.