Frequently Asked Questions

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  • City Trees

    • The street tree in front of my house has damaged the sidewalk. Who should I call?

  • Recycling

    • How do I obtain a construction roll-off bin/dumpster?

    • How do I recycle my holiday tree?

  • Refuse Collection

    • How do I obtain a construction roll-off bin/dumpster?

    • How early can I place my trash containers at the curb?

    • My neighbor leaves his trash cans out all the time. Is this allowed?

    • Who do I call if my trash is not picked up?

    • Who do I call to pickup "bulky items?"

  • Stormwater

    • What should I do if I see suspicious activity, such as illegal dumping or illegal connections to the street or storm drain system?

  • Streets

    • Are traffic signals in the City synchronized?

    • How do I have my address number on the curb repainted?

    • How do I report a broken street light?

    • How do I report graffiti?

    • How often are streets swept?

    • Who do I call to have a colored curb repainted? The yellow curb in front of my business is faded.

  • Water

    • Are there other rules related to water conservation?

    • How do I report a meter or fire hydrant leak?

    • How do I request to start or stop water and sewer service?

    • I have abnormally low/high water pressure. What should I do?

    • What is the City's outdoor watering schedule?

    • Why is Arcadia still observing mandatory water conservation if the Governor called off the drought?