Public Works Services

11800 Goldring Road
P.O. Box 60021
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021

General Service:  (626) 254-2720
Utilities Service:   (626) 254-2700
Fax: (626) 359-7028

Tom Tait
Public Works Services Director

Hours of Operation
 Monday - Thursday
    6:45 a.m.– 5 p.m.
Friday (Closed alternate Fridays)
    6:45 a.m.– 4 p.m.

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"Stormwater" is rain water that flows over our streets and yards, and is captured in storm drains.  Storm drains  are identified by the "No Dumping - This Drains to Ocean" logo and lead from our City streets directly to the Pacific Ocean. 

The City's storm drain system is part of a vast network of underground channels which were designed to carry rainwater and runoff from the streets, and sprinklers directly into the ocean to avoid flooding.  

Always ensure that litter and pollutants do not enter the street, gutter, or any other location where they can swept into the storm drains.  Persons or companies found guilty of dumping anything into storm drains can be fined up to $25,000 per day. 

The following simple guidelines can make a big difference in protecting the storm drain system and keep our water clean:

  • Properly dispose of trash (throw litter into trash cans, not into the streets)  
  • Properly dispose of leaves on the street (do not blow, sweep, hose or rake leaves into the street, gutter, or storm drains)
  • Pick up pet waste and place it into the appropriate trash container
  • Report illegal dumping by calling the Public Works Services Department at (626) 254-2720

Industrial Waste, or wastewater discharge, from businesses has the potential to damage sanitary sewers and cause environmental and property damage including sewer blockages or spills.

For these reasons, the City requires certain types of businesses to apply for an Industrial Waste Discharge Permit.  Permits are valid for five years from the date issued.  Annual inspections are required as part of the permit process to ensure proper operations, management, and disposal of all waste.