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Robert T. Guthrie
Police Chief

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The Arcadia Police Department's Volunteer Services Section has been in operation since 1992. Volunteers have become an integral part of community support for the police department, as they allow the department to augment its resources without additional costs to the city.  Volunteers are used in the following support classifications:

* Administrative Assistants
* Amateur Radio Operators
* American Sign Language Interpreters
* Chaplains
* Clerical/Computer Support
* Community Events 
* Crime Lab/Property Assistants
* Crime Prevention Aids
* Investigation Support
* Language Interpreters
* Maintenance Assistants
* VIPS (Volunteers In Patrol Support)
* YES (Youth & Education Services)

Currently, 70 registered volunteers generously donate their time to assist with various support functions throughout the department.

Amateur Radio & Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)

ACS is a volunteer program that uses Amateur Radio ("Ham") operators for crime suppression, surveillance, disaster and special events communications.

Our Amateur Radio program began in 1990, and has provided communications during the L.A. riots, brush fires, earthquakes, arson watches and special events.  In the event of activation of the City Emergency Operations Center (EOC), ACS members will staff the Amateur Radio room and be ready to assist with emergency communications.  During the holiday season, ACS members provide surveillance of the Santa Anita Fashion Park Mall, reporting suspicious activities.

Those wishing to join the ACS team must be over the age of 18; possess an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Amateur Radio license; driver license and pass a background check.

The City of Arcadia has its own Amateur Radio repeater which serves the area.  The repeater frequency is 145.200 (- 0.6) and the CTCSS is 103.5.  The repeater call sign is N6AH.  Emergency, and City of Arcadia ACS communications take precedence on the repeater, although the repeater is open to family-appropriate, English language use by all Amateurs.  Amateurs in the Public Safety and military communities are welcome on the N6AH repeater, and the repeater is open to City of Arcadia employee Amateurs.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at (626) 574-5173.


Although the use of chaplains in law enforcement is not a new concept, the Chaplain Program at the Arcadia Police Department is relatively new. It was initiated in 1994. Over the decades, Chaplains have been an integral part of law enforcement.

Today, more than ever before, law enforcement agencies need spiritual guidance, counsel, and assistance for officers and their families. Chaplains are community-oriented, acting as liaisons between the officers and the residents.

Chaplains are a group of clergy who provide spiritual, personal, and practical assistance to police officers, their families, and anyone in the community who calls the Arcadia Police Department for assistance.

The Chaplain Program is involved in, but not limited to, the following:

* Counsel peace officers and their families
* Counsel members of all other city departments and their families
* Visit sick or injured employees
* Respond to major incidents and cases involving serious injury to an employee
* Provide assistance to victims
* Speak to civic and public groups
* Participate in the ride-along program
* Crisis intervention
* Provide input to the department on community issues and problems

The Chaplains have been issued department identification to identify them as police personnel.

All personal counseling sessions between chaplains and employees are privileged communications and are confidential. No information is released to any department member.

Chaplains are Rev. Thomas Shriver, pager (626) 266-2794, Rev. Darwing Ng, (626) 351-2461, and Pastor Rodolfo G. Reyes (818) 429-3575. 

For more information on the Chaplain Program, contact the Community & Youth Services Office at (626) 574-5173.

Sign Language Interpreter

If you are skilled at interpreting American Sign Language, please consider volunteering with the Arcadia Police Department. There are times when the Department is in need of interpreters who can sign fluently and read another person's signing well. Please contact Leon Solorio, Volunteer Coordinator, at (626) 574-5173.

YES (Youth & Education Services)

Two Police Officers are assigned to work with the Arcadia High School, the three middle schools, and the elementary schools in the City.  The Officers provide support to the schools with law enforcement issues, student counseling, and information to students about the consequences of drug use and violence.  These Officers are also involved in PTA and attendance review board matters.

VIPS (Volunteers In Patrol Support)

The Volunteers In Patrol Support (VIPS) provides additional volunteer support to the Arcadia Police Department operations. This program adds another dimension to the efforts of the police department to increase police visibility in the City of Arcadia, as well as further enhancing partnerships with our residents and business community.

The Arcadia Police Department currently has 70 registered volunteers. It is from these ranks that interested volunteers are further trained to handle the VIPS duties. This allows patrol officers more time to dedicate towards proactive policing.  There are currently 21 VIPS serving the police department.

Police presence and visibility are enhanced with VIPS. The volunteers assigned to this program drive a white patrol vehicle with an amber light bar (pictured above). This clearly distinguishes the vehicle from our regular black and white patrol fleet. This vehicle is marked with the words, "Volunteer Patrol." This vehicle is equipped with a radio for communications with police dispatchers.

The volunteers wear the standard volunteer uniform that consists of a white shirt that clearly identifies them as volunteers.  All clothing and equipment is supplied by the Arcadia Police Department.  Their duties will include, but not be limited to, vacation house checks, document delivery, transportation details, traffic direction, school patrol, assisting with DUI/license check points, and parking enforcement. The volunteers may be trained for other patrol related functions as the program evolves.

Anyone interested in becoming a civilian volunteer for the Arcadia Police Department can call our Community & Youth Services Office at (626) 574-5173.