Arcadia Police Department

250 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021

Tel: (626) 574-5151
Fax: (626) 447-6581

Robert T. Guthrie
Police Chief

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.

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The Arcadia Police Department enforces both City and State parking regulations.  While most parking violations are issued on streets and roadways, parking citations also may be issued in City parking lots, Los Angeles County facilities such as the County Park or Arboretum, other public facilities such as schools, and also on private property providing proper signs are in place.  Handicap parking violations are issued on any property providing the parking stall is marked and signed in accordance with the California Vehicle Code requirements.  For additional information, review the City's Uniform Traffic Ordinance.

Parking on City Streets

The Arcadia Municipal Code prohibits parking on public streets between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. unless certain special circumstances arise. 

Storage of vehicles on the roadway is strictly prohibited.  Any vehicle parking on the roadway in excess 72 hours will be subject to tow at the owner's expense.  These restrictions were enacted to increase safety and security--as well as enhance Arcadia's aesthetics--while allowing a clear path for street sweeping vehicles.

A permit allowing all-night street parking may be granted on an annual or temporary basis:

Obtaining an Annual Parking Permit

If all of the below circumstances exist residents may obtain an annual permit that allows all-night street parking:

  1. Insufficient parking space is available or obtainable upon the property designated as the applicant’s residence, and;
  2. Additional parking space cannot be provided or constructed anywhere on the property, and;
  3. No spaces previously provided for parking have been converted to other uses.

Annual parking permit applications may be obtained from the Cashier's Office at City Hall (240 W. Huntington Drive).  The permit fee for a full calendar year is $84, with fee reduced by $7 for each month elapsed.  Please note that a copy of the vehicle's registration is required, and permit fees are non-refundable.

A temporary night-by-night overnight parking permit may be obtained from the Cashier's Office located inside of City Hall or from a 24-hour self-service (TOPEK) machine outside of the Police Station, 250 W. Huntington Drive.    

Individuals may only select and purchase permits starting on the date they wish to begin overnight parking on the streets, and future consecutive dates.  The TOPEK does not allow individuals to purchase advance permits for selected/random future dates.

The following selections can be made on the TOPEK and will provide permits as follows:

$5 – 1 night
$10 –
2 nights
$15 –
3 nights
More Options –
Select to view additional nights

$20 – 4 nights
$25 – 5 nights
$30 –
6 nights
More Options –
Select to view additional nights

$35 – 7 nights
$40 –
8 nights
$45 –
9 nights
More Options –
Returns users to 1 night

$50 – 10 nights max
More Options –
Returns users to 1 night


Payments can be in the form of cash, change (nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins), VISA or MasterCard credit cards (the TOPEK does not accept debit cards).  Any change due to the user will be issued directly by the TOPEK.  Our Records Personnel do not have the ability to provide change.

Oversized Vehicle Permits must receive authorization from the on-duty Watch Commander prior to the TOPEK being used.

If the TOPEK is problematic or inoperable during business hours, please contact our Records Personnel.  If after hours, please use the speaker system to speak with a Dispatcher.  If it is determined that a refund must be made, a Check Request form must be completed and signed by the individual, then submitted to the department for review.  Once approved, a refund check will be mailed to the individual from the City Hall Cashier's Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding parking citations must be paid or a permit will not be issued.  Permits are not issued for commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles.  The Police Department Watch Commander may grant exception for issuance of temporary permits on a case-by-case basis.  Parking permits, annual or temporary, are only valid for overnight parking.  The permits do not allow a vehicle to park in violation of any other municipal code or parking regulation, such as street sweeping.  In the event that a permit is issued and it is later determined that the vehicle does not meet the above criteria, the permit will be revoked and the application fee will not be refunded.

Transfer Of Permit

Should a change of vehicle occur during the year, a new permit sticker can be obtained by presenting the current parking sticker (containing the permit number) to the Cashier's Office, where an application for transfer will need to be filled out.  There is a $1 transfer fee for this transaction.

For any additional questions regarding obtaining an overnight parking permit, please call (626) 574-5464.

Parking on Business/Private Properties

The Police Department responds to many calls regarding vehicles parked on private properties and business properties wherein the reporting party is requesting that parking citations be issued.  The parking citations may vary from illegally parked vehicles to vehicles being parked at a location without permission or in violation of posted signs.  Information is gathered from the reporting party by the police officer and then that party will be asked to sign the "Private Property Citation Request" report form.  The police department does not routinely issue parking citations on private property without a signed request.

Arcadia Municipal Code requires that private property be properly posted before enforcement action may be taken.  An approved sign must be prominently posted at each entrance to the property.  This would also apply to a residential, multi-tenant property.  The signs must be at least 22" wide, 17" high, and with at least 1” lettering.  All information on the signs must be current, including information relating to the Arcadia Police Department.  Please note that older signs may have an outdated phone number for the police department.  The new phone number to the Arcadia Police Department is (626) 574-5150 and must be corrected on older signs.   In addition, as of January 1, 2007, California Vehicle Code also requires that any tow company authorized to remove a vehicle from private property be named on all posted signs on that property.  

Photo of a proper parking enforcement sign: 


A copy of the sign guidelines may also be obtained at the Arcadia Police Department front counter located at 250 W. Huntington Drive. 

Private Property Towing Information

California Vehicle Code, section 22658, outlines the requirements for towing a vehicle from private property.  The police department does not generally tow vehicles from private property for miscellaneous violations.  Off-street parking facilities, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, are subject to certain tow away violations.  Private property owners are required to properly post each entrance to the property with a parking enforcement sign as photographed above. 

Please contact Jan’s Towing at (626) 914-1841 for additional information or to have a vehicle removed from private property.  Jan’s Towing may also be contacted regarding installation of signs or modifications to existing signs to comply with the California Vehicle Code.

The California Vehicle Code allows for any tow company within 10 miles of the private property to enter into agreements for towing vehicles.