Arcadia Police Department

250 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021

Tel: (626) 574-5151
Fax: (626) 447-6581

Robert T. Guthrie
Police Chief

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 
7:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.

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Goodman, current  

Captain Larry Goodman 
Patrol Operations Division Commander

Regular Work Days: Tuesday - Friday (7 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

The Operations Division is the largest within the Arcadia Police Department and is commonly referred to as the "backbone in law enforcement." The Division is primarily responsible for daily field operations, including patrol duties and interaction with the public.

Captain Larry Goodman began his command of the Operations Division in 2016. Previously, he was the Commander of the Administration Division since 2011. The Division is comprised of several sections, which provides specialized services for the agency. These section include:  Patrol including Officers and Watch Commanders, S.W.A.T., Force Training Unit (FTU) and Field Training Officers (FTOs), Reserve Officer Program, and the Traffic Enforcement Bureau, which comprises parking control.

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The Operations Division responds to various calls for service received from the community, conducts preliminary investigations of criminal offenses, prepares police reports, provides high visibility patrol to reduce crime, participates in traffic education and enforcement programs, and coordinates parking enforcement. Patrol team officers also conduct special enforcement actions to combat violations such as alcohol sales to minors, street drug activities, and disorderly conduct.

In 2014, the Operations Division handled 52,961 calls for service of which 6,430 required formal written reports. A total of 1,739 traffic accidents, 5,885 moving and non-moving violations, 14,348 parking citations, and 2,103 physical arrests (adult and juvenile combined) were reported and investigated.

The Division experienced a 7% increase in calls for service during 2014 and the crime analysis shows a 21.5% decrease in Part I crimes from 2013. The men and women assigned to Operations continually strive to provide the highest caliber of professional service possible to the community. They serve with pride and dedicate themselves to maintaining a safe environment for everyone.