Arcadia Police Department

250 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021

Tel: (626) 574-5151
Fax: (626) 447-6581

Robert T. Guthrie
Police Chief

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 
7:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.

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Useful Safety Tips

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Do your part to help prevent car theft...

Crime prevention is a key weapon in the police department's arsenal.  While crime occurs in even the safest cities, many are preventable and you can help.

Property theft from a vehicle is one of the most common, yet preventable crimes.   Even if items taken from your vehicle are not valuable, you will still need to repair the damage to your car doors and/or windows, making you one of the many victims of car burglaries.  Don’t become a convenient target; follow these simple precautions to safeguard yourself, your vehicle, and your valuables:


When leaving your car…

-Always lock your car doors and pull up your windows, whether you leave your car for one minute, or all day.  It takes only minutes to break into most vehicles, and leaving your car unlocked is an open invitation to a thief.  It’s important to remember to do this, even if your car is parked in your own driveway.

-Don’t leave valuables in your car.  Never leave your vehicle title and registration paperwork, credit cards, gas cards, or checkbook in your car.  Additionally, leaving items such as a purse/wallet, keys, laptop, briefcase, iPod, or other property in plain view is placing temptation in the path of a would-be thief.  Don’t try to hide these items under a sweater – this doesn’t fool anyone – take them with you or leave them at home.

-Most recently, several vehicles with portable GPS units have been targeted.  When putting away your portable GPS, remember to hide the unit holder and/or suction cup as well.  Leaving the holder out on your dashboard or windshield just tells a thief that you have a unit hidden somewhere else in your car.

-Park in your garage whenever possible.  Remember to keep the garage door closed and locked at all times, even if you are inside the house or working in your backyard.


When shopping or out in public…

-Park and walk in a well lit and busy area or highly visible stall.  Notify the property owners if any lighting needs repair.

-Stay away from stairwells, elevators, dumpsters, or any other dark/confined areas, and always remain aware of your surroundings.

-After shopping, have your keys ready while you walk to your car, and try to keep your hands relatively free of packages.  Place your packages in the trunk when going from store to store.

-If returning to your vehicle late at night, ask for a security escort or use the buddy system.  Make sure both you and your buddy are safely in your car with the doors locked and the engine running.  Do not leave your buddy stranded!


Be a good citizen…

-Share this information with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, and help them get in the habit of practicing the same precautions.

-Be aware at all times and be a good witness; call and report criminal and/or suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles to the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5151.  In case of an emergency or a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1.