Library Services for City Staff

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Can you say “yes” to at least one of these questions?

  • Ever wanted to read a book, but have just never had time to get it yourself?
  • Ever need a book for a science project for the kids?
  • How about that best seller you just don’t want to pay $40 for?
  • Need a good audio book to make that commute more fun?

Here's how the library can help:

  1. Make sure you have a LIBRARY CARD.  If you don’t already have one, apply for one.  You will need to apply in person, and don't forget to let staff know you are an Arcadia City Employee.
  2. Click on this link to the CATALOG or click on the CATALOG button on the Library’s home page:  Find the books, books on tape, CDs, DVDs, or other materials that you want to check out for you or your family. 
  3. Click on this link to the Library Request Form.  Fill in the form to let us know which books you want to check out and to be delivered.  For more information about this special service for City employees, click on the “MORE INFO” link on the request form.

Within a few days, your books will be delivered!

Library Information:

  • Everyone needs a library card.  All items are checked out on your card.
  • All library materials are listed in the Catalog which may be found at: 
  • Most items listed in the Catalog may be checked out.  Only the items used for reference or library programs cannot be checked out.  Also some magazines may not be checked out.
  • Specific pages from a reference material may be photocopied.  Please check with the Adult Services Staff at (626) 821-5569 (x-5569).
  • Most items are checked out for three (3) weeks.  Items may be renewed for another three weeks if no one else has placed a hold.
  • The items that may be checked out for only one (1) week are: DVD’s and Videos. These may be renewed for another week if no one else has placed a hold.
  • If checked out materials are overdue more than 3 weeks, one notice will be sent to remind you to return the materials.
  • City Staff are responsible for any fines or fees for overdue or lost items that they have checked out. (Overdue fine is 25 cents per day.  Lost item fine is the price of the item plus a processing fee.)  Unpaid bills for lost or long overdue items (more than 60 days) will be sent to a collection agency.
  • To avoid overdue fees, renew items online, over the phone at (626) 821-5571 (x-5571) or in person or return promptly to one of the drop boxes at City Hall or at the Library.

Request Items:

  • City Staff fills out online form for requested items.
  • For homework materials or other special requests, please check with Children’s Services at (626) 821-5566 (x-5566) for infants to eighth grade, Adult Services at (626) 821-5569 (x-5569) for high school and college.
  • Library Staff will pull the needed materials, check them out to the City Staff, and then deliver it to the City Hall Mailroom. All items will be clearly marked with the name of the recipient and placed in a bag.
  • If a single item, it will be placed in that department’s mailbox.  If the mailbox is too full or too many items for the box then a slip will be placed in the box reminding the person who gathers the mail to check the Library Pick-Up Basket.
  • If an item is already checked out, a hold will be placed so that when it’s returned to the Library the City Staff will be able to receive the item.  City Staff will be charged a hold fee of $1.00 per title.
  • If the requested material is not available at our library, the Library Staff will check its availability at other libraries.  An Interlibrary Loan request may be handled through Adult Services at (626) 821-5569 (x-5569). The cost for this service is $4.00 per title.

Return Items:

  • City Staff may return items to the Mailroom.  A marked basket for Library Returns will be available. Library Staff will pick-up and deliver items each day that City Hall is open.
  • Items may also be dropped off at the Library at the Account Services Desk, or put into the book drops in the Library parking lot.
  • If you have questions concerning this program, please call Adult Services at (626) 821-5569 (x-5569).