Arcadia Fire Department

Station 105 Headquarters
710 S. Santa Anita Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006

Tel: (626) 574-5100
Fax: (626) 446-7410

Michael E. Lang
Fire Chief

Hours of Operation
Monday -Thursday
   7:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m.
Friday (Closed alternate Fridays)
   7:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.

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fire_engine_e105The Apparatus and Equipment Division is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all department vehicles, fire fighting equipment, and fire hose.  The Division is comprised of five units: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, the Apparatus Committee, the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Committee, the Portable Equipment Committee, and the Fire Hose and Nozzle Committee.

Vehicles Of The Arcadia Fire Department

The Arcadia Fire Department currently has a fleet of twenty-one (21) vehicles and two (2) trailers, consisting of:

  • Six (6) fire pumpers
  • One (1) California Office of Emergency Services fire pumper
  • One (1) 100-foot aerial ladder
  • Three (3) rescue ambulances
  • Two (2) command vehicles
  • Two (2) utility trucks
  • Five (5) staff cars
  • One (1) mobile air compressor/light vehicle
  • One (1) 1926 American La France restored antique fire pumper

Vehicle Maintenance And Repair

The Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Coordinator is Captain Tom Devlin.  The Maintenance and Repair Coordinator has the duty and responsibility to manage and schedule all regular preventive maintenance service, such as oil change and lube service, as well as to troubleshoot and order repairs for all Fire Department vehicles.  He also schedules vehicle transportation and performs quality assurance inspections of completed repairs and service to all vehicles.

The Maintenance and Repair Coordinator's office manages a large number of service requests, including major engine overhauls, automatic transmission rebuilds, and pump shift repairs.  These are all in addition to regular preventive maintenance services.  The Maintenance and Repair Coordinator was instrumental in the KME Investigation and engineered the electronic upgrades used to enhance existing vehicle components, as well as managed and supervised the installation of these component upgrades.

Apparatus Committee

The Apparatus Committee is responsible for the design, development, and writing of the specifications for vehicles purchased by the Arcadia Fire Department. During the course of vehicle construction, the committee oversees all aspects of the building phase of fire pumpers and trucks purchased by the Arcadia Fire Department.

The Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Committee

The Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Committee (SCBA) is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, planning for future needs, and record keeping of all City of Arcadia fire and water department SCBA’s. SCBA’s are used by fire fighters primarily during structure fire fighting.  The duration of air carried in the SCBA is 30 minutes. Considerable training is required for personnel assigned to this committee. Federal and State mandates require department personnel performing maintenance on breathing apparatus to meet and maintain a required minimum level of training.

Portable Equipment Committee

The Portable Equipment Committee is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, planning for future needs, and record keeping of all department fire fighting equipment.

Throughout the year the committee is responsible for the budgeting and purchase of numerous types of equipment to assist the department in performing its mission. Three thermal imaging cameras were purchased this past year. These cameras are utilized during structure fires to assist firefighters in locating victims in zero visibility conditions and finding incipient or small fires hidden inside of walls or behind partitions. These cameras greatly reduce the amount of time needed to perform fire ground operations, reducing injury to citizens of Arcadia and the loss of personal property. The department purchased four atmospheric monitors in the past year. The monitors can be used to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide, low or high levels of oxygen, and explosive limits in the air. Utilization of these monitors assists fire fighters in determining how safe the ambient air is. The last large project the committee was responsible for this past year was the purchase of two new portable water pumps. These pumps are rated at pumping up to 325 gallons of water a minute. The department can use these pumps to remove large amounts of water from subterranean parking lots flooded during heavy rain, or to provide water for fire fighting in areas a large fire pumper cannot access.

Fire Hose And Nozzle Committee

The Fire Hose and Nozzle Committee is responsible for the purchase, maintenance, testing, planning for future needs, and record keeping of all department fire hose and related equipment. Currently the department owns in excess of 31,000 feet of fire hose which must be tested annually to verify it can withstand the abuses of fire fighting.