Why do we have Code Enforcement?

Arcadia is known for beautiful neighborhoods and high property values. To help maintain this excellent reputation the City has adopted a number of laws and regulations over the years that allow everyone to live, work and play in a healthy, safe and pleasant environment. The Code Services Division monitors and enforces these laws to correct problems. Some of the issues subject to code enforcement include:

  • Broken windows and screens
  • Overgrown weeds/unkempt lawns that have not been mowed or watered
  • Lack of landscape or building maintenance
  • Lack of maintenance of a pool - green pool
  • Discarded household furnishings and inoperable appliances
  • The storage of trash containers in front, side, or rear yards visible from the streets. Trash containers should be placed at the curb for pick-up no more than 24 hours prior to collection and removed by 5 a.m. the day after pick-up.  
  • Parking of vehicles on unpaved areas
  • The posting of advertisements, posters, flyers or signs on utility poles, trees, signposts and medians
  • Illegal signs, banners and pennants in commercial and industrial zones

Municipal Code

The Arcadia City Municipal Code contains all of the ordinances (laws) adopted by the Arcadia City Council and/or the voters of City of Arcadia. 

Filing a Code Enforcement Complaint

Complaints regarding code enforcement issues may be filed with the Code Services Office online, in person, by mail or by telephone. To file a complaint:

  • Give the location of the problem with street name and address
  • Provide a detailed description of the nuisance (e.g. weeds, broken window, etc.)
  • Please provide your name, address and telephone number. This information is kept confidential, but having it enables the Code Services to contact you if they need more specific information or to advise you of the results of their investigation.

Report a Code Violation online

The Code Services Office is located at City Hall and can be reached by telephone at (626) 574-5432. Because they spend a large amount of time in the field, the best time to reach Code Services staff by telephone is early in the day or late in the afternoon.