Arcadia Is a City That Works 

In October 2017, the City of Arcadia conducted an independent survey of registered voters regarding community satisfaction and their perceptions of quality of life.  Below are some of the findings of the survey: 

  • The survey results shows Arcadia residents are highly satisfied with their quality of life and their vital City services. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of City residents agree that Arcadia provides a better quality of life than other nearby communities, and nearly 70% of residents say City services are excellent or good.

  • Residents expressed strong support for the Arcadia Police Department, with 84% giving local law enforcement a favorable job rating, and 91% of respondents stating that local police protection was an extremely/very important priority.  A clear majority of respondents also expressed concern that Arcadia has become less safe in recent years following changes to state laws that both decriminalized certain crimes and resulted in the early release of repeat offenders.

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 Community Service Needs Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What are the City’s financial challenges?

A: Due to recent policy changes statewide, the gap between revenues and expenses is expected to increase by approximately $2 million per year for the next four years. Without additional sources of revenue the City is will be forced to cut vital City services including police, fire, and much needed infrastructure improvements.

Q: What are our City’s essential service needs?

A: The City of Arcadia is a charming, family-oriented community with an excellent quality of life. We are committed to working with residents to maintain the key City services that protect life and property and keep Arcadia a special place to live. We are prioritizing the services Arcadia residents have told us they value most, in particular: police, fire, and infrastructure services. Without properly funding these vital City services the City cannot ensure that the City’s high quality of life can be maintained.

Community Conversation Presentation

Q: How is the City addressing our fiscal needs?

A: The City takes great pride in maintaining a balanced budget and protecting our long-term fiscal stability, including saving money in rainy day funds. For the first time in many years, the City has relied on its financial reserves to balance the budget in order to avoid major service cuts. While Arcadia was among the first cities in California to implement comprehensive pension reforms, without additional resources or changes in service levels, using our reserves is simply not enough to guarantee our public safety and infrastructure services over the long term.

The City Council recently empaneled a Citizen’s Financial Advisory Committee to provide recommendations on how to preserve the City’s excellent services. We will also be engaging residents on your service priorities as we plan for the future. For more information, please visit or click here

Q: What are our police and fire public safety services?

A: In a recent citizen satisfaction survey, Arcadia residents told us that they strongly prioritize protecting the City’s excellent public safety services.

In 2017, Arcadia had the highest number of residential burglaries in recent history. With the state’s implementation of risky criminal justice reforms--which lowered penalties for certain property crimes--our residents do not want cuts made to police protection. We must maintain the number of officers we have on our streets and protect our Police Department’s ability to prevent and investigate property crimes like thefts and burglaries, which are priorities for our community.

As a Class 1 department, Arcadia Fire ranks among the best fire and emergency medical services in the country. In fact, the American Heart Association honored our Fire Department with the Mission Gold Star Award. Arcadia’s first responders received nearly 6,000 calls for fire and emergency medical services last year, and every year the number of calls goes up. We must continue to protect and maintain our excellent fire and emergency medical services that protect property and save lives.

Q: What other priorities have our residents identified?

A: In a recently conducted community survey, residents identified the following services as priorities:

  • Preventing and investigating property crimes, like burglaries
  • Maintaining and protecting local fire protection
  • Maintaining local police protection
  • Maintaining local 9-1-1 emergency response times
  • Repairing streets and roads
  • Protecting and maintaining neighborhood police patrols
  • Maintaining services to keep public areas safe and clean

Q: How can I join the conversation?

A: We are committed to keeping our residents engaged and informed about Arcadia’s key priorities. Please Join 
the conversation by clicking here to complete the Community Feedback Survey.