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Volunteerism is at the heart of Arcadia.
In addition to being the “community of homes,” Arcadia has long been known for having a large and dedicated base of volunteers who devote numerous hours to the City organization, to our schools, and to many civic and charitable organizations. Volunteers have made a difference and strengthened our community in many ways and it would not be the same place without such a strong commitment to giving back.

Volunteers of all ages and talent are needed. You might not be able to give 10 hours a week, but maybe you can give two, and those two hours will make a difference! People who see their friends volunteer often become enthused about getting involved themselves. Kids who see their parents volunteer learn how important it is and they are more likely to continue the effort as they grow up.

Now is your chance... MAKE A DIFFERENCE, VOLUNTEER!

Volunteer Opportunities within the City

City Board or Commission
If you would like to be considered for a position on a board or commission contact the City Clerk’s Office at (626) 574-5455.

Fire Department 
Maria Taylor 
(626) 574-5126 
* Please note that volunteers must be 21 and up for Administrative Support

Darlene Bradley
(626) 821-5570

Museum of Arcadia Heritage 
Stevy Hernandez
(626) 574-5440 

Police Department 
Leon Solorio 
(626) 574-5174 

Recreation & Community Services - Senior Services
Ashley Marston
(626) 821-4373
Send your application to amarston@ArcadiaCA.gov
* Volunteer opportunities in the Senior Services Division are available on an as-needed basis. Please note that volunteers must be age 18 and up.

Recreation and Community Services - Teen Volunteers
Gina Hernandez
(626) 821-4328 
* Please note that teen volunteer opportunities are available on a limited seasonal basis.

Volunteer Opportunities Outside of the City

635671516063170000Helping Hands Volunteer Opportunities Handbook profiles various organizations in Arcadia and the surrounding areas that have volunteer placement opportunities. Positions are available in the fields of nature and environment, animals, children, seniors, health and general community.

Believe in Arcadia... Volunteer!


Fruit For All, a non-profit community harvest group organized and run by Arcadia High School students and brothers Zach and Jackson Selby, were honored with the "Believe in Arcadia....Volunteer!" Award. Starting out as a way to do something productive with the excess fruit from their trees at their home, Fruit For All volunteers have since picked over 34,000 pounds of fruit that is given to local food banks and rescue missions.

The volunteers of Foothill Unity Center received the "Believe in Arcadia.....Volunteer!" Award for their many efforts to assist families in Arcadia and our surrounding communities.

Published: July 27, 2021