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The Administrative Services Department is responsible for a broad range of activities, including accounting, debt administration, benefits administration, workers' compensation, risk management, recruiting, information technology and purchasing functions for the City.  The department is organized into four divisions that provide essential services for the City Council, Commissions, City Manager, operational departments and the citizens of Arcadia.

City Manager's Office 
(Includes City Clerk and City Attorney)

The City Manager’s Office oversees all operations of the City, implementing the City Council’s goals, objectives and policy direction. The City Manager and his staff work cooperatively with elected officials, City employees, outside governmental agencies, community groups and the public to bring projects to successful completion and to provide the people that live, visit and do business in Arcadia the best and most efficient service.

The City Clerk is entrusted with ensuring that the legislative process is both open and accessible to the public as it relates to City elections and City Council meetings. The functions of the City Clerk include: preparing the City Council agenda and recording all City Council actions; conducts all municipal elections; maintains official and historical records to provide public access and proper preservation; serves as the filing officer for the Fair Political Practices Commission and Arcadia Conflict of Interest Code Regulations as required by the Fair Political Practices Commission; compliance with legal noticing requirements; maintains official rosters and information on all City boards and commissions; and maintains and coordinates updates to the Arcadia Municipal Code.

The City Attorney, appointed by the City Council, represents the City Council, boards and commissions, and staff in all matters of law pertaining to their offices. Activities include the representation of elected and appointed officials and staff in civil actions and proceedings, the prosecution of violations of City codes, attendance at all meetings of the City Council/Successor Agency to the Arcadia Redevelopment Agency, and the preparation and/or approval of legal documents such as contracts, deeds, ordinances, and resolutions.

Development Services (DSD) provides full municipal services related to growth and development in the City as well as a range of neighborhood and community services. DSD is actively involved in projects from initial project review and approval, through construction, to property maintenance and monitoring. The goal of DSD is to provide quality customer service, assist in the organized and thoughtful development of the City, and ensure a safe and efficient built environment.

The Arcadia Fire Department is dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of the people, property, and environment in the community by providing the highest quality services in fire prevention, fire suppression, paramedics, and emergency response. The Department fulfills its duties through a proactive approach to fire protection and rescue services, ongoing personnel training, procurement of safe and quality equipment, and continuous public education on fire and life safety issues.

Arcadia Public Library

The Library offers a wide variety of materials, services, and programs to support the community’s educational, informational, historical, and individual interests. The Library utilizes current and emerging technologies to operate as both a physical and virtual library, providing convenient access to information, programs, and services to the community. The Library is a welcoming space that brings people, information, and ideas together. It enriches lives, builds community, and offers an array of programs and services designed specifically to meet the interests and needs of its citizenry.

Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage

The Museum is dedicated to education and to the collection and preservation of Arcadia’s heritage. It offers a space for the community to come together to celebrate the City’s rich history with exhibits and educational programs. Using Museum artifacts, permanent exhibits tell the story of Arcadia’s past from Native Americans through the present.

The Police Department provides law enforcement services to the community of Arcadia. The Department is structured with two operating divisions:  The Operations Division and the Administration Division.

Public Works Services

Public Works Services is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the City’s publicly owned infrastructure, facilities, and oversees environmental programs. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of the community by overseeing the maintenance, repair, and replacement of publicly owned infrastructure and where practicable and feasible, implement and maintain sustainable practices.

Recreation & Community Services

Through diverse and innovative programming and broad partnerships, the Recreation and Community Services Department plays an important role in creating a healthy community. By providing space to learn and play, space to be safe and secure, and space to create and imagine, the Department strives to improve the quality of life for residents.
Published: July 27, 2021