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City Mission & Goals

Mission Statement:
Arcadia is a premier “community of homes” featuring top quality, safe neighborhoods that exist in concert with the natural environment; a diverse population that is committed to community involvement and volunteerism; and a superb educational system. This high quality of life is supported by our commercial vitality.
It is the mission of the Arcadia City Government to provide effective and fiscally responsible municipal services in a manner which promotes this high standard of community life.

Organizational Goals:

  • CITY COUNCIL - To provide leadership. While listening carefully and respectfully to all points of view, to ultimately set policy and make decisions based on facts and what is in the best interest of the entire city. To treat City employees with respect, recognize their special talents and training, and listen to their advice.
  • CITY EMPLOYEES - To serve the public in an atmosphere of courtesy, friendliness, and respect, consistently treating everyone fairly within the policies, rules and regulations of Arcadia. To provide the highest quality municipal services in an effective, creative and fiscally responsible manner.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - To provide the highest quality municipal services, consistent with the resources available to us. To allocate such resources fairly to meet the needs of the community as a whole, while recognizing the needs of various segments within the community.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - To recognize that high-quality City services are to a large extent dependent on a strong business community. To provide and further enhance a strong economic base by encouraging revenue-producing, high quality, "clean" retail, commercial and industrial development that is compatible with a community of homes atmosphere.
  • EDUCATION - To recognize that a major strength of our community is the educational system. To ensure that our efforts are consistent with maintaining the quality of education provided to the community. To support the Board of Education in this critical area.
  • QUALITY OF LIFE - To provide a pleasing community atmosphere and a level of maintenance of public streets, parks, rights-of-way and other public facilities that are consistent with the level of maintenance our citizens provide to their private property. To recognize and promote individual property rights while ensuring that the rights of others are not infringed upon. To provide quality parks, recreation opportunities, library, and other information services, senior and youth programs, and medical facilities to our citizens. To promote a positive community spirit and pride in the community.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - To assure that residents will be safe in their homes and neighborhoods. To be prepared for disasters and provide for the protection of life and property in such an event.
  • PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE - To protect, maintain and enhance the City's public infrastructure. To anticipate the long-term needs of the infrastructure and take prudent steps to provide for those needs.
  • TRANSPORTATION - To provide quality streets and control systems for the efficient movement of traffic. To provide for the alternative transportation needs of all segments of the community.
  • COMMUNICATION - To educate the community on City programs and operations as well as their role in the governmental process.
Published: July 27, 2021