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Planning Commission

Meeting Schedule: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. 
Council Chambers, 240 W. Huntington Drive

Effective July 13, 2021, the Planning Commission will resume in-person meetings. Citizens who wish to submit public comment may do so in person. Each speaker is limited to five (5) minutes per person, unless waived by the Planning Commission. Written comments may also be submitted by email to planning@ArcadiaCA.gov at least 30 minutes prior to the posted meeting time. 

The Planning Commission consists of five (5) members appointed by the City Council.  Each member serves a four (4) year term.  The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council.  They conduct public hearings, review policies and procedures, makes findings, render decisions and make recommendations to the City Council on a variety of matters affecting the physical development of the City.  

The Agenda for each meeting is available below. 

Please contact the Planning Division at planning@ArcadiaCA.gov or at (626) 574-5423 for more information.

Agendas & Minutes:

09/14/21 Agenda       PDF Packet      
08/24/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
08/10/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
07/27/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
07/13/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
06/22/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
06/08/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
05/25/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes       More...
05/11/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
04/27/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
04/13/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
03/23/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
03/09/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
02/23/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
02/09/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
01/26/21 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes       More...
01/12/21 Cancellation Notice Agenda      

12/22/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
12/08/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
11/24/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
11/10/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
10/27/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
10/13/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
09/22/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
09/08/20 Continued to September 22, 2020 Agenda       PDF Packet       Financials       More...
08/25/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
08/11/20 Agenda       PDF Packet      
07/28/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
07/14/20 Agenda       Minutes      
07/01/20 Adjourned to July 14. 2020 Agenda      
06/23/20 Adjourned to July 1, 2020 Agenda      
05/26/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
05/12/20 CANCELLED
04/28/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
04/14/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
03/24/20 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
02/25/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
02/11/20 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      

12/24/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
12/10/19 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
11/26/19 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
11/12/19 Agenda       PDF Packet       Minutes      
10/22/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
10/08/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
09/24/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
09/10/19 Agenda       Minutes      
08/27/19 Agenda       Minutes      
08/13/19 Agenda       Minutes      
07/23/19 Agenda       Minutes      
07/09/19 Agenda       Minutes      
06/25/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
06/11/19 Agenda       Minutes      
05/28/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
05/14/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
04/23/19 Agenda       Minutes      
04/09/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
03/26/19 Agenda       Minutes      
03/26/19 Special Meeting Notice - Barns Project_signed Agenda       Minutes      
03/12/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
02/26/19 Agenda       Minutes      
02/12/19 Agenda       Minutes      
01/22/19 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
01/08/19 Agenda       Minutes      

12/25/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
12/11/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
11/27/18 Agenda       Minutes      
11/13/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
10/23/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
10/09/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
09/25/18 Agenda       Minutes      
09/11/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
08/28/18 Agenda       Minutes      
08/14/18 Agenda       Minutes      
07/24/18 Agenda      
07/10/18 Agenda       Minutes      
06/26/18 Agenda       Minutes      
06/12/18 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
05/22/18 Agenda       Minutes      
05/08/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
04/24/18 Agenda       Minutes      
04/10/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
03/27/18 Agenda       Minutes      
03/13/18 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
02/27/18 Agenda       Minutes      
02/13/18 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
01/23/18 Agenda       Minutes      
01/09/18 Agenda       Minutes      

12/26/17 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
12/12/17 Agenda       Minutes      
11/28/17 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
11/14/17 Agenda       Minutes      
10/10/17 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
09/26/17 Agenda       Minutes      
09/12/17 Agenda       Minutes      
08/22/17 Agenda       Minutes      
07/25/17 Agenda       Minutes      
07/11/17 Agenda       Minutes      
06/27/17 Agenda       Minutes      
06/13/17 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
05/23/17 Minutes      
05/09/17 Agenda       Minutes      
04/25/17 Minutes      
03/14/17 Agenda       Minutes      
02/28/17 Agenda       Minutes      
01/24/17 Agenda       Minutes      
01/10/17 Agenda       Minutes      

12/27/16 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
12/13/16 Agenda       Minutes      
11/08/16 Agenda       Minutes      
10/25/16 Agenda       Minutes      
10/11/16 Agenda       Minutes      
09/27/16 Agenda       Minutes      
09/13/16 Agenda       Minutes      
08/23/16 Agenda       Minutes      
08/09/16 Agenda       Minutes      
07/26/16 Agenda       Minutes      
07/12/16 Agenda       Minutes      
06/28/16 Agenda       Minutes      
06/14/16 PC and BL Permit and Review Board Special Meeting Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
05/10/16 PC and BL Permit and Review Board Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
04/26/16 Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
04/12/16 Agenda       Minutes      
03/22/16 Agenda       Minutes      
03/22/16 Special Meeting Minutes Minutes      
03/08/16 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Cancellation Notice Agenda      
02/23/16 Agenda       Minutes      
02/09/16 Cancellation Notice Agenda      
01/26/16 Agenda       Minutes      
01/12/16 Agenda       Minutes      

To view Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes prior to 2016, please visit our Archives.

Planning Commission Members and Term Expiration
Brad Thompson 06-30-2023 (Second Term)
Ken Chan 06-30-2022 (Second Term) 
Zi Lin 06-30-2022 (Second Term) 
Marilynne Wilander 06-30-2022
Vincent Tsoi  06-30-2024 (Filling Unexpired Second Term)


Lisa Flores 
Planning & Community Development Administrator
(626) 574-5445 
Published: September 17, 2021