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Human Resources Commission

Meeting Schedule: 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. 
City Council Chambers, 240 W. Huntington Drive

The Human Resources Commission consists of five (5) members appointed by the City Council.  Each member serves a four (4) year term.  The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council on policies concerning personnel administration. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations on the City's Personnel Rules, job specifications and they hear appeals of any person in the Classified Services relative to any suspension, demotion or dismissal and makes recommendations to the City Manager. 

Agendas & Minutes:

09/09/21 Cancellation Agenda      
08/12/21 Cancellation Agenda      
07/21/21 Special Meeting Agenda       PDF Packet      
07/08/21 Cancellation Agenda      
06/10/21 Cancellation Agenda      
05/13/21 Agenda       Minutes      
04/15/21 Special Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
04/08/21 Cancellation Agenda      
03/11/21 Cancellation Agenda      
02/11/21 Cancellation Agenda      
01/14/21 Agenda       Minutes      

12/10/20 Cancellation Agenda      
11/12/20 Cancellation Agenda      
10/22/20 Special Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
10/08/20 Cancellation Agenda      
09/10/20 Cancellation Agenda      
08/13/20 Cancellation Agenda      
07/09/20 Agenda       Minutes      
06/11/20 Cancellation Agenda      
05/14/20 Cancellation Agenda      
04/09/20 Cancellation Agenda      
03/12/20 Cancellation Agenda      
03/11/20 Special Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
02/05/20 Cancellation Agenda      
01/09/20 Agenda       Minutes      

12/12/19 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
12/05/19 Special Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
07/11/19 Agenda       Minutes      
05/09/19 Agenda       Minutes      
03/14/19 Agenda       Minutes      

09/13/18 Minutes      
07/12/18 Agenda       Minutes      
03/08/18 Agenda       Minutes      
01/11/18 Agenda       Minutes      

07/13/17 Agenda       Minutes      
06/08/17 Agenda       Minutes      
03/09/17 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
02/09/17 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
01/12/17 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      

12/08/16 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
11/10/16 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
10/13/16 Agenda       Minutes      
08/11/16 Agenda       Minutes      
07/14/16 Agenda       Minutes      
03/10/16 Agenda       Minutes      
02/11/16 Notice of Cancellation Agenda      
01/14/16 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      

To view Human Resources Commission Agendas & Minutes prior to 2016, please visit our Archives.

Human Resources Commission Members and Term Expiration
Lula Eskander 06-30-2024
Kaitlyn Jeong 06-30-2023
Tina Lee Rodriguez 06-30-2025
Michael Rock 06-30-2024 (Second Term)
Chingchia (Thomas) Tseng 06-30-2022


Shama Curian
Human Resources Administrator 
(626) 574-5457

Published: September 15, 2021