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Residents Highly Satisfied with Quality of Life

Post Date:12/06/2017 12:00 pm

A recently commissioned independent survey shows Arcadia residents are highly satisfied with their quality of life and their vital City services. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of City residents agree that Arcadia provides a better quality of life than other nearby communities, and nearly 70% of residents say City services are excellent or good.

“People move to Arcadia because we tend to offer an unsurpassed standard of living,” said City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto. “I’m pleased that Arcadia residents are satisfied with the City’s performance in service delivery. We work hard to keep our community safe, clean, and well-maintained,” he added. 

Residents expressed strong support for the Arcadia Police Department, with 84% giving local law enforcement a favorable job rating, and 91% of respondents stating that local police protection was an extremely/very important priority. A clear majority of respondents also expressed concern that Arcadia has become less safe in recent years following changes to state laws that both decriminalized certain crimes and resulted in the early release of repeat offenders. 

“The Arcadia Police Department faces significant challenges in the years to come,” said Police Chief Robert Guthrie. “Arcadia is a safe City in general but property crime is a serious issue in our community. All available resources are being dedicated to address this priority; however, we need to ensure that this level of effort can be sustained—including training, equipment, and additional personnel—to provide the Department, its officers and support staff, the necessary tools to keep Arcadia safe.”

Although the local economy remains strong, the rising cost of City services is expected to begin having an effect next fiscal year. “We look forward to discussing how best to support our vital community service needs and evaluating how best to maintain these services, particularly public safety,” continued City Manager Lazzaretto. “Over the coming months, we will work with the community to solicit additional views while we develop long-term strategies to maintain and even enhance the services our community values.”

The community survey was conducted in October 2017 by opinion research firm FM3, who has extensive experience polling the San Gabriel Valley. For more information, please call Arcadia City Hall at 574-5401. 

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